Sayan Dey: A Paradigm of ‘Perseverance Accelerates Accomplishment’

May 04 2021 09:39 PM
Sayan Dey: A Paradigm of ‘Perseverance Accelerates Accomplishment’

An outstanding stock trader reaching the pinnacle of his career after vanquishing all stumbling blocks to progress. 


The paralyzing days of 2020 has undoubtedly impaired the progress of almost every field. It drowned people into an ocean of sufferings taking in the three most affecting problems, physical, emotional and financial troubles. Nevertheless, some people prove that " if you're determined to learn, no one can stop you", not even this pandemic. During this period, when everyone was waiting for the virus to vanish, Sayan Dey, who is a 22 years old stock trader and investor, was studying the whole economic scenario. The profits, he made, are exceptionally up from the last year which is about 41 lakhs. 

Sayan Dey, certainly, is an inspiring personality carrying an optimistic view point and working rigorously to achieve his dreams and reach his destination. He is the founder of Lance.Akn, where this phase is being called ‘the restoration economy’ and it is currently a dominating training module for their students. According to him, restoration economy is one where global growth moderates again after the extraordinary rebound in activities that we’ve experienced over the past six months. He has also appraised that there are still many interesting opportunities around the world for investors. We see attractive valuations in global credit, emerging markets and alternative asset classes.

A successful student reflects the brilliance of his teacher. Sayan Dey is not just a young emerging trader but an extremely passionate mentor. His students are reaching great heights. During the conversation, he asserted that "one of my roles is to ensure that our students are aware of daily market trends and they have everything they need to take advantage of these upcoming opportunities. To this end we continue to invest in different platforms and bring in new traders. We are strengthening our commitment to develop more traders which we believe add value in the long run. I am very much looking forward to 2021 and wish all of our clients a happy and prosperous new year."

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