New facility for SBI customers to know credit scores, CEO informed

Sep 16 2020 11:28 AM
New facility for SBI customers to know credit scores, CEO informed

SBI is contemplating providing the facility to its customers to see their 'credit score'. SBI Card managing director and CEO Ashwani Kumar Tiwari informed this. Customers will be able to see 'Credit Score' by login to their credit card account under this facility. Tiwari took over the SBI card last month. Earlier, he was holding the responsibility of State Bank of India in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles branches.

He said, "Out of the experience that he gained while working in America, two-three things can be implemented here." One thing, Tiwari said, is the provision of credit bureau scores for credit cardholders. Whenever cardholders 'log in' to their account, they will be able to see the credit score. It is very normal in America. There is no additional fee for this. He said, "I have talked to my team about this. He said that it could be determined. We are working on its modalities right now".

"The cardholders will be able to find out at any time the trend of credit bureau scores. This is a customer-friendly initiative, which we will be implementing soon". Tiwari said that the second thing is co-branded where card companies and banks collaborate on a strategy that retail companies run. He said, "I think we should work in this direction as well." He said that if anyone in the US purchases things from a retail shop and does not have a card, he can ask to get it. If the person agrees, they will ask him only the Social Security number and if the customer has a good 'credit score', they issue the card in 5 to 10 minutes. It is a good feature for the customer.

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