SBI customers should be careful, if this MSG comes, then delete it immediately

The Press Information Bureau (PIB), a central organisation of the Government of India, has urged state bank of India (SBI) customers not to respond to fake SMS alerts seeking personal and banking information to access their accounts. In fact, fraudsters always send a fake SMS alert on behalf of SBI, and it is claimed that your account has been blocked and you are requested to enter your financial and personal information by going to the URL given in the SMS. After clicking on the link there you will be taken to a fake SBI website, and you will become a victim of phishing.

Now a tweet from PIB states that a message claiming that your @TheOfficialSBI account has been blocked is #FAKE. And to combat such fraudulent activity, the PIB has recently said through a tweet that "email/email" Don't reply to the SMS that's asking you. If you receive such a message, report. phishing@sbi. co. Report to in immediately. "

Customers should be aware that SBI or any other bank will never ask you to update or complete your KYC by clicking on the link embedded in the SMS, so they should be careful before clicking on the link requesting that they update their KYC or provide the account information. With this, if you remember, SBI had last month alerted its customers through a tweet that "such SMSes may lead to fraud, and you may lose your savings" in an attempt to deal with bank frauds going on through SMS. Embedded links should not be clicked. When you receive an SMS, check out the correct SBI shortcode. Be alert and #SafeWithSBI. "

In fact, the bank says on its website, "The State Bank or any of its representatives will never send you an email/SMS or call you for your personal information, password, or one-time SMS (high security) password." Any such e-mail, SMS, or phone call is an attempt to use your internet banking account to fraudulently withdraw money. Never respond to such emails, text messages or phone calls. Please report immediately. If you receive any such email, SMS or phone call, please phishing@sbi. co. Contact us at in. If you have accidentally disclosed your credentials, change your password immediately.''

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