Lord Hanuman and his wife's idol situated in this temple of India

After Lord Hanuman darshan with his wife, all the tension between the husband and wife walking in the house ends. Actually, this temple of Hanuman Ji established in the Khammam district of Telangana holds special significance in many ways. Here you do not see Hanuman Ji in his Brahmachari form but in the householder form, he sits with his wife Suvarchala. Apart from this, all the devotees of Hanuman Ji believe that Hanuman Ji is Baal Brahmachari. Not only this, this form of Balaji has been described in any Ramayana and Ramcharit Manas including Valmiki, Kambh, but for your information, let me tell you that the marriage of Hanuman is mentioned in Parashar Samhita. A special temple built in the Khammam district of Telangana is the proof of Hanuman's marriage. The same temple reminds us of the character of Ramdoot when he had to be bound in marriage. The same does not mean that Hanuman is not Baal Brahmachari, Pawanputra was also married and he was also Baal Brahmachari.

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Due to some special circumstances, Bajrangbali had to get married to Suvarchala. Lord Hanuman made Lord Surya his master. Hanuman was receiving his education from Surya. Sun could not stop anywhere, so Hanuman ji would have to fly along with Lord Surya's chariot all day and Lord Surya would continue to give him knowledge of many types of learning. While giving knowledge to Hanuman Ji, one-day dharma came in front of the sun. Out of a total of 9 types of learning, his guru taught five types of learning to Hanuman ji, but the remaining four types of knowledge and knowledge were such that only someone Only the married could be taught. Lord Hanuman had pledged to take complete education and on less than that, he was not ready to accept.

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Also, Lord Surya had a crisis that he could not teach any special teachings to an unmarried due to the discipline of religion. Then Sun God advised Hanuman to get married and to fulfill his vow, Hanuman ji also tied in the marriage formula and agreed to take complete education. But for Hanuman ji, everyone was worried about who should be the bride and where to get it from. In this way, Sun God has prepared his supreme ascetic and stunning daughter Suvarchala for marriage with Hanuman ji. After this, Hanuman ji took his education in full and Suvarchala got absorbed in his penance forever. Apart from this, even though Hanuman Ji is bound in marriage but physically he is still a celibate. In the same Parashar Samhita, it is described that Suryadev himself said on this marriage that this marriage was done for the welfare of the universe and Hanuman Ji's celibacy was also not affected.

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