Permanent cure of corona! Scientists got big success

New Delhi: It has been two years since the corona epidemic wreaked havoc in the world, but there has been no strong cure so far. Scientists from all over the world are looking for permanent treatment for this. A medicine that not only prevents the infection of the coronavirus but also eliminates it. Scientists have now detected a substance in the foothills of the sea that can become a permanent treatment for corona. It exists extensively inside the sea.

Now the question arises in the minds of the people as to whether medicine does not exist on earth. Scientists on this say that Penicillin was the biggest discovery in the history of medicine. It is a naturally present antibiotic. But no one knew how to treat it. History changed when it came to light. So now to defeat corona, we need antivirals that are naturally present on a large scale. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given its approval to treat substances from marine animals. Many of these substances are at different stages of clinical trials. One such substance has recently been found by scientists under the sea. This substance is found in marine algae, squid and fish. This is called Marine Sulphated Polysaccharides - MSPs.

Marine Sulphated Polysaccharides are a certain type of carbohydrate that is rich in Sulphur. These sulphurs are filled in the outer walls of marine algae or CVDs cells. These are also found in some fishes and mangrove plants. Scientists are constantly experimenting with MSPs matter. It has shown good effects against the herpes simplex virus, HIV, chikungunya, cytomegalovirus, influenza and hepatitis virus.

When the computer model was developed 3D chemical particles of MSPs, it was discovered that it eliminates the spike protein of the coronavirus. I.e. destroys the coronavirus. Heparin is a chemical as MSPs. Investigations so far have found it extremely strong against the coronavirus. It binds the spike protein present in the coronavirus. It prevents the coronavirus from entering the cells. But the problem is that heparin is a blood thinner. Therefore it is not suitable as covid medicine. Of the 45 MSPs discovered, 9 have heparin-like features, which can make it an effective corona drug. These 9 substances can produce a permanent drug or vaccine for corona in the future.

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