Scientists have proved at what age women have the best orgasms.

May 14 2019 09:00 PM
Scientists have proved at what age women have the best orgasms.

It is believed that the ideal age for high-quality hot sex is early youth. At least, this is the case, if you watch the love affairs of the heroes of cinema and serials. But research proves the opposite.

Publication Health said that the best orgasms come to women rather later than before. With the help of the popular application Natural Cycles, which allows you to track the menstrual cycle and plan pregnancy, the scientists interviewed 2,600 women. The respondents of different ages were asked:

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  • How satisfied are you with your sex life?
  • How do you think you are attractive?
  • How do you rate the frequency and quality of your orgasms?

There were only three ratings: low, medium, high.

Then the women were divided into three groups depending on age: 23 years and under, 24–36 years, over 36 years. And analyzed their answers.

It was assumed that the youngest will give the highest estimate of their sex life. However, the researchers were in for a surprise. Girls under 23 years of age most often chose ratings of "low" and "medium". For women aged 24–36, the situation slightly changed: the “average” score appeared more often. But young ladies from 36 years and older boldly assessed the quality of sex life and their own attractiveness as high.

What is curious, this is not the only study with similar, at first glance, paradoxical conclusions. Thus, the publication The Huffington Post , citing the results of a recent survey of 5,000 single American Americans of all ages, ethnic groups and income levels, derived averages. According to them, the best in life sex for women happened at 66 years old, and for men - at 64.

Psychologists interviewed by Health and The Huffington Post suggest that this is the case. The strength and quality of the orgasm depends not so much on physiology and hormones, but on psychological readiness. In the decade between 20 and 30 years, despite the most "sexual" hormonal level, young people are too concerned about their own appearance, problems of social acceptance, and therefore can not relax and surrender to feelings.

Over the years, women and men find their place in society, get a lot of social and psychological reinforcements, gain sexual experience that helps to feel better and be aware of their own desires .

A few more factors due to which sex over the years only gets better:

  • Healthy egoism. People begin to have sex for their own pleasure, and not to satisfy the partner.
  • Avoiding obsession with penetration. It turns out that you can get orgasms and just caressing each other.
  • The trust. The older generation, as a rule, is in a long relationship. People have long been familiar with their partners, and therefore it is easier to venture on experiments and generally feel more relaxed.

However, scientists note: age itself is not yet a guarantee of high-quality orgasms. Much more important here - experience and confidence in their own sexual attractiveness, as well as having a loving partner.

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