Scientists have proven that all men fall in love with the woman who possesses this trait.

May 04 2019 04:33 PM
Scientists have proven that all men fall in love with the woman who possesses this trait.

The question that worries many women is: which ladies do men prefer? In heels, with make-up or fragile and sensitive, which you need to protect? Men are primarily attracted to those who possess only one trait. 

Scientists after much research have concluded that men fall in love with ... happiness! The answer is very simple - after all, a joyful person attracts more like men. and women. With such a person, anyone will be happy. 

Each of us is a little selfish. And when choosing a partner, we, first of all, think about our own well-being. Looking at him, we at the subconscious level come to the conclusion that next to such a partner we will be happy.

In general, the concept of happiness is different for everyone. But if you average, then most people who fall in love have these qualities: 

1. Do not “load”

Next to them you feel light. They are not sad just like that, do not complain about life and everyone around. They are good always and everywhere. 

2. Smiling

Psychologists conducted an interesting experiment. The respondents were shown some photos in which people smile and some in which they are serious. Then the experiment participants were asked to answer who they thought was more likable. The result is not surprising: smiling people turned out to be attractive to them. Even though their non-smiling “competitors” are more beautiful by nature. 

3. Treat people better than others.

Is the office newbie? "Oh, strange kind." Does a young man want to meet you on the street? "Freak". How often do we put “labels” before we even recognize a person! For this reason, people who have the most positive attitude towards others are highly valued. 

4. They are able to talk not only about themselves.

They are able not only to talk about themselves but also to listen. If you know how to cheer up, give joy and make you smile, then it is worth a lot! 

5. See positive moments even in those things where others see negative.

Bad weather is clear to everyone. But why focus on this when you can talk about pleasant things? Such people attract others.

Let's imagine that a man invited two girls to the same movie. Cinema was not the best. The first girl immediately said that “this is complete sucks,” and curled her lips. Naturally, our cavalier felt like a loser. And the second girl agreed with the companion that “the movie was not very”, but suggested, let's say, to brighten up the impression of the evening by going to a candy store. Guess which man will fall in love with a man? 

A psychotherapist from London, Allen de Botton, has been studying the attitudes of men and women for a long time. He concluded that “Instincts attract us to people who can make us happy.” 

Thus, it can be concluded that they fall in love not with those who are abstract in appearance, but with those who can give warmth and care! Do you agree with this?


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