Disposal of e-waste will harm the environment

Aug 06 2020 03:24 PM
Disposal of e-waste will harm the environment

Dehradun: Scientists have now discovered a new technique to deal with e-waste that has become a problem around the world. It decomposes in the soil, and toxic gases released from it cause harm to the environment as well as human life. But now, after 18 years of tireless efforts by scientists of GB Pant Agriculture and University of Technology, biodegradation technology has been discovered for disposal of e-waste. Its patent has also become available to these scientists on Tuesday. This creates an atmosphere of happiness in the university.

Also, due to the non-dissolution of the soil, currently e-waste is used to make second-order plastic in a cyclical order. This makes household and electronic products of cheap and poor standards. The toxic gases emitted from the cyclic sequence of e-waste pollute the environment. Collecting and keeping the e-waste, and their cyclical order is not environmentally friendly by turning it into products for manufacture of essential items in daily life.

To solve the same problem, scientists of Pantnagar University for the last 18 years were engaged in developing the method and technology of biological decomposition of bacteria of various plastic materials. In this connection, Dr. Rita Goel, former Head of Department of Microbiology and Retired Professor, Chemistry Department, Dr. MGH Zaidi and his assistant at the University's CBSH College sent bacteria groups to the Government of India to develop a technology of bio-disintegration method. Was With this, many types of damage can be avoided now.

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