Scientist warns, 'banana is on verge of extinction'

Aug 19 2019 12:56 PM
Scientist warns, 'banana is on verge of extinction'

WASHINGTON: India is one of the main producers of bananas in the world. But there is bad news about this fruit. According to scientists, bananas may soon be far from our reach. This can be due to a fungus. It has already destroyed a species of banana and is now moving rapidly towards new species. Its transition has wreaked havoc in the US at present.

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Even after several efforts by the US, the fungus has reached there. The government has declared a national emergency since the fungus arrived in the southern American country of Colombia. Fusherium Type-4 fungus was confirmed in 180 hectares of soil in Colombia's northeastern province of La Guajira. The UN has also issued a warning in this regard. The United Nations has said that the spraying of chemicals on the disease spread in bananas is also proving to be ineffective. No drug is affecting.

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This TR-4 fungus can remain in the soil for about 30 years once it arrives. However, researchers hope that this fungus will be dealt with soon. The first TR-4 fungus was found in Malaysia and Indonesia. Soon after, the fungus spread to China. However, a team of experts is working on dealing with it. He says he will do everything possible to save the existence of this important fruit.

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