Scindia directs Delhi Int’l Airport to handle better crowd management

New Delhi: According to senior government officials, India's Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia directed Delhi International Airport Limited to implement better crowd management strategies after passengers complained of chaos and crowding at the airport's terminal following the implementation of new coronavirus-related travel guidelines.

According to recommendations released by the Union Health Ministry on November 30, all passengers arriving from "at-risk" countries are required to do an RT-PCR test, and 2 percent of passengers arriving from other countries are required to take the test at random.

According to the instructions, travellers must wait for the results before leaving the airport or boarding a connecting flight.

A quick PCR test costs Rs 3,500 at the Delhi airport, but the findings are available in 60-90 minutes. Passengers pay Rs 500 for RT-PCR, which takes about six hours to complete. At the Delhi airport, a passenger from a "at-risk" country can take one of the tests.

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