Sea Creature of Dinasaur’s Time, You will be surprised after seeing this dangerous animal

There are various evidence of life and the presence of dangerous animal during Dinasaur time. Various research are conducted to get a clear idea about Dinosaur. One such giant sea creature has been seen on the banks of a deserted beach. People gathered to see this creature and were amazed by its features.

As per the information, the length of this creature is being told as 3 feet and people were shocked after seeing the creature. Alan Sklar was driving across Assateague Island in Virginia, USA he suddenly spotted a creature lying on the sand and immediately reached out for a closer look. It soon became clear that this was not an ordinary fish but a strange-looking creature that belonged to the time of Dinosaur’s Era.

According to the report the length of this creature is three feet. It is also very heavy and it also looks quite dangerous. For Alan, this was not the first time he had seen such a strange creature as he kept wandering on Seashore and it was common for him to find different animals but this animal is quite different. He also manages to get pictures of creatures like Atlantic Sturgeon. Allen said the fish was found beached on a 37-mile stretch of land at Assateague Island and he quickly snapped some pictures of the creature.

As per the information the creature. It is almost on the verge of extinction, which was put on the endangered species list in 2012. He revealed that the creature is  Atlantic sturgeon. It is a prehistoric fish that can be found in rivers and coastal waters and can grow up to 14 feet in length. 

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