Sean Kaptaine of Liquid Help® Energy Drink | Release Your Inner Superhero®

May 02 2021 10:00 AM
Sean Kaptaine of Liquid Help® Energy Drink | Release Your Inner Superhero®

Sean Kaptaine is the individual owner, formulator, scientific officer, and liquid Help Energy Drink creator. My primary purpose of the name is to help people and inspire them to help others. Also, to produce the most bio-effective drinks on the planet called Help Energy Drink. Sean Kaptaine was born on March 17, 1971, in Hollywood, Florida, but raised in Miami, Florida, with the birth name Sean Kapetanakos. An owner of multi-faceted businesses, Sean modeled at younger ages. Sean appeared in several TV shows like Entertainment tonight, soon after winning the best Hawaiian Tropic Man of the year in 93.

Sean Kaptaine was also on the Cristina talk show in Miami, FL. He worked for 2 years with the Television dance show called Caliente. Sean won the Playgirl Sexiest Man Alive contest in 1998 held in Miami, Florida, at the café iguana nightclub. At this event, he won a brand-new Harley Davidson Motorbike and a contract with playgirl for 1 year. He took the motorcycle but turned down the deal with playgirl for the guy of the year because he said he wanted to school. In 1998, he achieved his GED; Sean graduated from Broward Fire Academy the next year and EMT-Paramedic school in 2001. Sean completed 2 associate degrees from Broward Community College in Emergency Medical Management and Business Management in 2002.

Sean started at the University of Miami on an honors Kingston scholarship and Phi-Theta-Kappa honors scholarships, majoring in Neuropsychobiology. He also achieved a master’s degree program while taking the MCAT Exam. After this, he got accepted into Medical School from Ross University School of medicine but didn’t continue into residency to practice as a doctor. In 2017, he made an appearance on the Entertainment Tonight Channel appearing on the Jillian Michaels Television show. Sean was asked once again to entertain and welcomes it, performing a prank show on mother in low of Jillian Michael.

Video of Sean hugging Jillian Michael’s at the last of TV clip on E-channel. He is in charge of several events like this. He speaks to news about this prank a kid did on his teacher. Sean Kaptaine contributes to several charity events with a company he runs called Miami Superhero. He constantly has costume characters show up free of charge of several sick kids in hospitals.

Here’re some instances of Sean’s Company charity events: 

⦁ For a family, for Miami, Florida Jackson Hospital 
⦁ For children, cancer center 
⦁ For the shooting of children at the high school Stoneman Douglas 
⦁ For a kid with Brain Cancer Glioblastoma with local Television news, Miami Heat Dancers there 
⦁ The picture with Mayor Wilson for Christmas 
⦁ For Joe DiMaggio’s Children Hospital 
Business Career

Over the years, Sean has worked in many different professions. He worked as a male model for many years, modeled for companies Irene Marie and Ford Modeling. Sean won the 1998 Playgirl Sexiest Person Alive contest that helped launch his modeling career more. After all his dancing and modeling, he worked for a couple of years as a paramedic/firefighter. Sean Kaptaine has worked really hard for many years and finished several years of school. He owns a digital marketing company. Also, he formed the company Miami Superhero in 2012 and bringing the amazing character to life at children’s birthday parties.

He always wanted to get involved with family-oriented events. So, right from there, he got involved in wedding planning also. Sean Kaptaine expanded the kid’s companies into NY called New York Party Characters and other cities with The Party Characters. In 2019, he formed a company named IV Life Miami to provide people with IV therapy. The same year, he signed up for VIP access to Fortunate Builders with his substantial real estate investing company Lifestyle Real Estate Solutions. Sean Kaptaine is a private member of that company. In 2019, he formed Liquid Help, a trademark beverage company, as well as reserved. Liquid Help is doing business as Help Energy Drink. The company is mainly an Energy Drink Company that has 2 trademark flavors. These are called Shake That Frooty and Pucker Up. He also has a trademark reserved named Release Your Inner Superhero®. Mr. Kaptaine, feels he has made the best energy drink.

Basically, it stands for suing your inner ability to work through pressures and extreme circumstances in life. Also, standing like Superhero for 2 minutes a day can help boost critical hormones in one’s body. Sean is launching post-covid now on May 1, 2021, with his Liquid Help Company and Help Energy Drink. He has also trademarked his new bikini brand called Hero Swimwear, available for launch in July 2021. You can follow Sean Kaptaine on:. Instagram Twitter Facebook 

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