Because of this, Laughing Buddha is kept in the house for good luck, know special things!

Sep 11 2019 01:27 PM
Because of this, Laughing Buddha is kept in the house for good luck, know special things!

You have often seen many types of sculptures of Laughing Buddha in shops or homes and have received a gift of it. It is said that Laughing Buddha is seen as a Goodluck and that is why people keep it at home as well. Apart from this, people also consider it a symbol of happiness and prosperity. But do you know who Laughing Buddha was and what is the secret of his laughing? Today we are going to tell you about this. Know special things about it.

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Actually, Hotai was from Japan and used to be a disciple of Mahatma Buddha. According to beliefs, when Hotei received knowledge, he started laughing loudly. From then on, he made people laugh and happiness was the only purpose of his life. Wherever Hotai used to go, he used to laugh at people by showing them his big belly. This is why people in Japan and China started calling him laughing Buddha, which in English is called Laughing Buddha.

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In China, the followers of Hotai or Laughing Buddha propagated him so much that people there started believing him to be God. They believe that due to him, there is happiness in the house. Due to this, people started keeping his idols in the houses as good luck. However, Laughing Buddha in China is known as Putai. Like Hotai, his followers also spread their sole purpose i.e. making people laugh and happy, in the country and the world.

Let me tell you, just as in India, Lord Kubera is considered the god of wealth, in the same way, Laughing Buddha is considered everything in China. It is believed that bringing them into the house increases positive energy.

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