Section 144 Imposed in Noida Greater Noida for Ganesh Chaturthi MotoGP and Trade Show

NEW DELHI: Section 144 has been enforced in Noida and Greater Noida due to the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi, MotoGP Bharat, and UP International Trade Show, spanning from September 16 to September 25. This decree, operating under Section 144, restricts gatherings of five or more individuals and unauthorized public gatherings, including both religious and political processions.

Hridesh Katheria, the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Law and Order), informed, "Ganesh Chaturthi falls on September 19. Additionally, the International Trade Show at Expo Mart will run from September 21 to 25, while the MotoGP Bharat event at the Buddha International Circuit in Greater Noida is scheduled for September 22 to 24." He also noted that apart from these events, Gautam Buddh Nagar will host competitive examinations and a 'Rail Roko' campaign by farmers.

To uphold peace and prevent any disruptions to law and order during these events, Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) has been enforced in the district. The following restrictions will remain in effect until Section 144 is lifted:

No processions of five or more individuals will be allowed.

Assembling in groups of five or more people in public places is prohibited.

Joining any such group or participating in a procession necessitates permission from the Commissioner of Police, Additional Commissioner of Police, or Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Drones are prohibited within a one-kilometer radius of government offices.

Photography and videography near these areas also require authorization from the Commissioner of Police and the Additional Commissioner of Police.

These regulations may be relaxed as required for government-approved events, as stipulated in the prohibitory order.

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