Section 144 in Lucknow till July 30 due to Festive Season
Section 144 in Lucknow till July 30 due to Festive Season

LUCKNOW:  amidst the upcoming festive season, the Lucknow police have taken measures to maintain peace and order by imposing Section 144 throughout the entire city until July 30.

"To ensure the smooth observance of various festivals like Sawan starting from July 4, Shivratri on July 16, Hariyali Teej on July 19, Moharram on July 29, Independence Day on August 15, and Naag Panchami on August 21, as well as to address the upcoming entrance exams and the possibility of processions and protests by political parties, activist groups, and farmers' unions, new guidelines are being implemented in the state capital," stated a spokesperson for the Lucknow police.

The official announcement also mentioned certain restrictions for the public. Drone flying is strictly prohibited within a one-kilometer radius of any government building, and prior permission from the administration is required for drone usage elsewhere. Furthermore, demonstrations and processions will only be permitted in designated areas, with the Eco garden specifically designated for such purposes. The gathering of more than five individuals without administrative permission is not allowed, according to Upendra Kumar Agarwal, the joint commissioner of police (law and order) in Lucknow.

"From 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., the use of loudspeakers is restricted, and the sound emitted from religious places must be limited within the premises. Organizers must adhere to the standard decibel levels set by the law," added the official.

About Sawan: Sawan, also known as the month of Shravan, holds a significant place in the cultural and religious calendar of many South Asian countries, particularly India. Falling during the monsoon season, Sawan is considered auspicious and is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction and transformation. Devotees observe various rituals and fasts during this month to seek blessings, spiritual growth, and purification. The devotees adorn themselves with vibrant green attire and offer prayers, milk, and water to Shiva lingam, a symbolic representation of Lord Shiva. People visit Shiva temples, chant prayers, and engage in meditation, seeking divine grace and fulfillment of their wishes. The festival creates an atmosphere of devotion, joy, and togetherness as communities come together to celebrate and share in the spirit of Sawan. 

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