Hacking attack easier due to weak and simple password

Generally, most of us create different accounts to use different websites, which use a simple password or a single password to keep them safe. Because doing this makes it easier to remember passwords. But this negligence of the people may fall on them and this may cause all their personal data to be leaked. A report by research company Secure Link has said that about 80% of hacking attacks are caused by weak or simple passwords. The report further states that most of the hacking attacks took place in 2017 due to weak passwords.

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Stealing passwords using a phishing attack
According to SecureLink's report, hackers use a phishing attack to steal users' data. Through this, they get information such as the user's name and password and steal the account and steal all their data. The risk of hacking increases even more when users use the same password instead of different passwords on different platforms.

Use a password on different websites
The report further states that users use the same password on different websites only because of fear of forgetting the password. This makes the work of hackers easy and they steal the data on all platforms by finding the password of one account.

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Make your password strong
If you want to avoid being a victim of hackers, you should make your password strong. Special character should be used with the number in the password. You can also use multi-factor authentication.

Do not keep more than two account passwords the same
Never keep the same password for two or more accounts to keep personal data completely safe. You can also use password-maker apps like Master-Password to create a password.

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