Security forces kill 15 al-Shabab extremists In the coastal region of Kenya

LAMU: Following a successful operation in the Bodhei area of the enormous Boni forest in Lamu's coastal county, Kenyan security forces have killed 15 al-Shabab insurgents. After their camps were blasted on Monday evening, the Kenya Defense Force (KDF) commander participating in the operation revealed on Tuesday that an unknown number of terrorists were also injured in the raid.

According to news report, the ground troops were reinforced by attack helicopters and artillery fire when they raided the insurgents' camps, which were located just about 40 kilometres from a local shopping centre. It said that several of the assassinated militants were members of the gang responsible for the recent Lamu region attacks, which killed around 15 people.

"We suspect the militants were among those who recently attacked civilians in this area. In Bodhei, our officers effectively carried out a raid and destroyed two al-Shabab command and logistical camps "The commander of the KDF stated.

The security personnel participating in the nighttime operation are part of a multi-agency team leading Operation Amani Boni, which began in 2015 with the goal of flushing out al-Shabab fighters said to be hiding in the Boni forest.

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