See here the list of the best and best places to visit in winter

Walking in the winter season has its own fun. In such a situation, if you are thinking about walking around in winter and you do not understand the place then you can go to these places which we are going to tell you today. This place is great to visit and you will enjoy going here.

Rajasthan- The western state of Rajasthan of India is not only famous for its ancient palaces but is also a perfect blend of its color, tradition, culture, and monarchical history. Yes, Rajasthan is very popular among tourists, especially foreign tourists, as a holiday destination. At the same time during winter, Rajasthan experiences extreme weather changes, which is considered to be the best for tourists. It is something else to visit Rajasthan in winter. Many things can be seen about the culture and tradition of maharajas in Rajasthan which are captivating.

Goa- You can go to Goa on cold days. Well, it's a place that can be visited in any weather. In fact, it is the ultimate beach of India and the shanadar for the party. At the same time, there is no best time to visit this small state, so it is winter time when Goa is full of tourists. This is because it is the time when tourists from all over the country and abroad gather in Goa to celebrate Christmas and New Year. The festivals here, the golden beaches, the exciting water sports, family dishes, energetic nightlife and Portuguese culture, make people rejoice.

Kerala- Kerala is very popular among tourists. It is famous for its beautiful spices and is also famous for its beautiful sea and greenery. Here after the time of rain, there is a different color of greenery. There are many types of sightseeing in Kerala. There are hilly areas like Munnar, Nellianpati, Ponmuti etc., beaches like Kovalam, Varkala, Cheraii etc., Periyar, Irvikullam etc.

Andaman Islands- India's most beautiful Andaman and Nicobar Islands are completely opposite to Goa in the winter season. Andaman is perfect for those who want to spend some quiet time with their loved ones. The calm and peaceful atmosphere here attracts the majority of tourists, and by going here you can forget all your sorrows.

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