See pics: Private photos of Kamal Haasan's daughter Akshara get LEAKED

See pics: Private photos of Kamal Haasan's daughter Akshara get LEAKED

Kamal Haasan’s daughter, Akshara Haasan, has become the recent victim of cybercrime since private pictures of the actress got leaked on internet. However it’s not clear that how the photos got leaked but they have been going floated on social media. Reacted to the incident Akshara with a strong note on Instagram added her post with the ongoing MeToo movement. She said that it’s depressing to see such things happen. She captioned her post , “Recently, some of my private pictures were leaked on the internet. Who did this, and why, is not known to me yet. But what I do know that it is deeply unfortunate to make a young girl the victim of such an act only for a pervert mind’s enjoyment.”


 “And each time someone shares it with eye-catching headlines to draw more traction, it scars me deeper and adds to everyone’s participation in my harassment and helplessness. It’s particularly disturbing and deeply upsetting to see that at a time when the nation has woken up to the #metoo movement, there are still people out there who would harass and attempt to share private pictures of a young girl in the public eye only to derive some perverse pleasure that appeals only to them.”

Here is the post -

Akshara also tagged the cybercrime cell and Mumbai police to her distress Instagram post hoping that necessary actions are taken immediately to put off the pictures from being circulated further. 

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