This is how schools re-opened in Thailand after several months

Jul 03 2020 04:33 PM
This is how schools re-opened in Thailand after several months

After the coronavirus, the world is slowly coming back on track. However, people have now agreed that if they want to escape from Corona, then they will definitely have to maintain social distance. Nevertheless, schools and colleges are still closed in many countries. But due to its tourism sector, schools have opened after three months in world-famous Thailand. But the way the schools are open is worth seeing and is also worth learning.

Samkhok School is in Pathum Thani. According to the information, this school is 50 kilometers from the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. About 5000 children study here. Chuchart Thiengtham is the principal of this school. In this case, he told that before coming to school, the children were asked to remain self quarantined at home. Even children are allowed to come to school only through private means.

He further says in this regard, 'Once students come to school, it is mandatory for them to wear masks. Even in some activities, face shield is also provided. Not only this, the temperature of the children is also checked daily and all its information is sent through a message on the phone of their parents. Even in the classroom, work has been done to create social distance. Cardboard ballot boxes have been installed in the class. Only one student can sit behind them. Let us tell you that due to Corona, many people have lost their lives in this country. While 3,173 people are infected by it. The hope is that whichever country opens its schools, they should definitely learn something from Thailand. If possible, think of doing better than that. If you have children, you have the future.

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