See! world's smallest dog  sculpture made to welcome Lunar New Year of the Dog
See! world's smallest dog sculpture made to welcome Lunar New Year of the Dog

World's smallest dog art which was made by a Taiwanese artist to welcome in the year of the dog. Each of the tiny sculpture measure just one millimetre along with its longest edge, looking small even under a powerful magnifying glass that makes the tip of the pencil they are arranged on look big, and the artist's fingernail massive.

Chen Forng-shean, who has been sculpting miniature sculptures of Chinese zodiac animals for more than 20 years, states the dogs are the world's smallest. Every year, his miniature sculptures have become smaller and smaller, but Chen states he has no intention of stopping and is doing his best to preserve good eyesight and physical health necessary to carve the tiny artworks with a steady hand. Chen has trained in miniature sculpting since he was 25. In the more than 35 years since he has completed around 200 works of art.

"The three dogs convey a feeling of reunion and harmony. The new year is upon us, they represent an auspicious symbol. I think that these three dogs are the artwork that I am most proud of to date, because they represent a boundary in sculpting, as they (each) measure one millimetre," Chen said, adding "the difficulty in creating the dogs was that they (each) measure one millimetre, making it necessary to use a powerful magnifying glass, a pointy steel needle and a tiny knife to carve them. While carving their four legs and their heads, I often failed, there were more than ten failed attempts."

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