See your​ shadow in the mustard oil
See your​ shadow in the mustard oil

Astrology has been told that if Saturn is in a bad state in a person's horoscope, he has to face many troubles. If you are also suffering from the ill effects of Saturn, then for this there are many ways in the scriptures.

1 - On Saturday morning, after taking a bat wear blue clothes. Then sit down under peepal tree and light lamps of mustard oil. Then pray to God to remove the inauspicious effects.

2- Take seven rounds around the Peepal tree.

3- After returning home after Poojan, take mustard oil in a bowl and look your shadow in it. After watching the shadow, this oil should not be kept in the house. Donating this oil. Thus, by adopting this remedy, the ill effects of Saturn will definitely decrease.

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