Seeing husband in objectionable state with GF, angry wife took this step
Seeing husband in objectionable state with GF, angry wife took this step

Jamtara: In a shocking incident, a couple was caught in an objectionable condition in Shankarpur village of Kundhit block of Jamtara on Tuesday evening and tied to an electric pole by the people of the village. They also informed the Kundhit police. As soon as the Kundhit police received the news, the police force reached the spot and tried to convince the people of the village, but the villagers remained adamant about the matter. Later, after much persuasion by the police, the police pacified the matter.

According to the news received, a 30-year-old man from Bankati was having a long-standing relationship with a 29-year-old woman from the Shankarpur village. The woman's husband is dead. On Tuesday morning, the man had come to Shankarpur village and was present in the house with the woman. The news of this came to the young man's wife and she reached the woman's house in the village Shankarpur. Due to this, the wife opposed after seeing her husband in an objectionable situation with the woman. When she resisted, the young man and his girlfriend together beat up his wife. Later, the people of the village caught the couple and tied them to an electric pole and informed the Kundhit police station. The villagers also informed the youth's father about the incident.

Meanwhile, seeing the injured condition of his daughter-in-law, the father informed the ambulance and later admitted the wife to the Kundhit community health centre. At the same time, Kundhit police freed both lovers from the people of the village and took them to the Kundhit community health centre for first aid. Because both were beaten by the people of the village. The woman's husband, a resident of Shankurpur, died in 2019 due to illness. Since then, the woman had a relationship with the man, a resident of Bankati, and the man used to visit the woman's house. But on Tuesday, the wife caught both of them red-handed. There was a lot of quarrel over it.

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