Seeing only minor niece, uncle became crazy, did this dreadful act after rape"

Indore: A 17-year-old minor was raped by her own uncle in Indore and then strangled to death. After which the criminal became so nervous that he even stabbed himself several times with the blade with the blade. Due to excessive bleeding, he was lying there in a state of unconsciousness. He is being treated at MYH. His condition is said to be critical here.

According to Additional DCP Prashant Chaubey, the body of a 17-year-old girl living in Rishi Nagar in Dwarkapuri was lying in the room of her house. There was blood in the rooms and squares of the house. The girl's  uncle were found soaked in blood. The veins in his throat and hand have been found to be cut off with blades. People first called an ambulance and Moussa was sent to MY Hospital for treatment. The police then arrived there. Let us know that the whole incident is pointing towards the rape and then the attempt to commit suicide by attacking yourself. At present, the police are awaiting the post-mortem report.

The father driver, the  uncle sells vegetables: The house of the minor and his  uncle is nearby. The two have lived together for about 9 years.  uncle sell vegetables. The girl's father is a driver. The mother works to clean the utensils in the houses. The girl's aunt is a labourer. The minor also has two sisters, who had gone to work with the mother at the time  of the incident. The 8-year-old brother was playing outside the house. The culprit,  uncle, also has a daughter, whom the wife takes with her. According to the police, more things will be revealed after the interrogation of the accused.

Indore Crime Branch has this big success.

Seeing the woman alone, the man came into the house, took her to the room and then...

On the second day of marriage, the groom hanged himself, there was a commotion in the family.

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