Seeing 'Pushpa' aroused desire to become famous among minors

New Delhi: Delhi Police has got 3 such minors who formed their gang in the name of 'Badnam Gang' and killed a person to become famous. The criminals recorded the incident of murder in their own phone. Police say that there was a conspiracy of the criminals to upload this video on social media. The intention of posting the video on different platforms of social media would be to create fear not only of his name in the area but also to identify and intimidate his gang 'Badnam Gang'. During interrogation, it has been learned that the minors got this idea after watching the movie Pushpa and the web series Bhaukaal.

On January 19, the Jahangir Puri police station received a call that a person had been taken to the hospital in a very serious condition. When the police team reached the spot, it was found that the victim had died due to treatment. Thereafter, the deceased was identified as Shibu. Due to investigation, the police came to know that neither Shibu had enmity with anyone nor this murder was carried out with the intention of looting. So the police started scanning all the CCTV footage around the place of incident. In the CCTV footage, Delhi Police was seen scuffled and assaulted by three boys with Shibu.

Thereafter, the police identified all three of them and then arrested them. Due to interrogation, the police came to know that all the three criminals are minors, due to which the police is taking action in this case under the rules of the Juvenile Justice Board, when the police interrogated the three criminals, they made many surprising revelations in front of the police. First of all, the police came to know that the criminals had no enmity with the victim. Criminals had just seen the film Pushpa in the last few days as well as the web series Bhaukaal. Thereafter, there was a desire to create fear among the people in the area by forming a gang of their own. Thereafter, the trio formed their own gang, which they named 'Badnam Gang'. On the 19th, he killed Shibu with a knife and one of his companions captured the whole incident on the phone. The police said that they had a conspiracy that this video would be uploaded on social media so that people would recognize them and their gang and fear them, but before they could succeed in their plan, Delhi Police caught them. The police have also recovered the mobile phone in which the entire incident was recorded and the knife used in the incident has also been confiscated from them.

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