Selena is broken, to hear about the patch-up of Beiber and Hailey: Sources

Jun 13 2018 10:03 AM
Selena is broken, to hear about the patch-up of Beiber and Hailey: Sources

Pop singer, Justin Beiber has long been hanging out Hailey Baldwin’s. After their relationship, followed by a separation, the couple seems to have relighted their love.

The duo was seen spending time in Miami, after which they were being speculated to have got back to each other. Hailey was recently spotted patting Beiber’s back, after his round of a swim.

The incident has added to the rumours of their patch-up.

Apart from the excitement of fans, Bieber's ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez is reportedly in sorrow. Selena already knew about the ex- couple’s hangout in Miami, but reports of their alleged patch-up have broken the “wolves” singer further.

According to sources related to Selena, the singer is no more with Beiber, but she is not yet over her Ex. Selena still has immense love and affection for Justin.

Similar is the condition for Haily. Sources related to Haily have revealed that she is happy enough that Beiber is taking out time for her, but she fears that the “Never Say Never” singer might probably leave her and go once again like he did it earlier.

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