Selena not yet over Bieber?

Aug 10 2018 11:04 AM
Selena not yet over Bieber?

The courage and spirit with which the 26-year-old singer, Selena Gomez, has gotten over her breakup from the love of her life, Justin Bieber, she truly has become an inspiration for many out there who’ve caged themselves in the darkness of loneliness.

The wolves singer has been encouraging her fans with her pictures on the Instagram and assuring them of her happy state of mind.

However, sources close to Selena revealed that though she is has been roaming and partying with friends and seems happy enough, there’s still a part of her that misses the old days. She seems to have moved on from her ex-boyfriend, but somewhere inside, she still misses him.

The fact that Justin is engaged to Hailey, somewhere pains her. She has been trying really hard to accept the fact but, she is done pretending to be a stone at heart.

With the love story of Justin and Hailey, being the top gossip of the town, it has become really hard for her to socialize and behave normally.

Well, she has decided not to intervene in Justin’s life and let him carry out his yet another love story with peace, but if he quits it this time, she would definitely be the first one to text him.

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