Send this SMS and WhatsApp status to your dad to let him feel a special

Jun 14 2019 06:59 PM
Send this SMS and WhatsApp status to your dad to let him feel a special

Let all of you know that this month, June 16, 2019, the Father's Day is being celebrated throughout the world including India. Let all of you tell you that on this day, children express their love for their father, and the way in which one can replace the mother in life. That's where Dad is able to dedicate his whole life to the children without asking for it, and that's why Father's Day makes it a special feeling to have fathers. You can get your dad to feel special by sending these messages on this day.

* Who Savara my life Woh relieved you
In dreams, whose face is what he wants,
Which is the case in my temple,
This is the pooja which is the idol of the evening morning.

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* The law of the society is always serious;
In mind, be hidden, don't bleed.
Do not be too dry, speak and speak,
The love of the heart is the mother, but there are different pictures!

* In Tanashahi, when they miss the past,
What does he say to the body,
So dad went too far
If you close the eyes, Surat looks at her

He is also the one who is lucky;
The world is close to the crowd
His prayer goes on
Why is the god of the same,
And Taqdeer is also he..!!

* Life is desolate without a father,
Every path is deserted in a cloistered journey,
It must be in life,
With the father, each path is easy.

* The floor is far away and wanderlust.
There is a lot of small life.
When we kill the world.
But "Papa" has a lot of bearing in love.

* I will go astray,
Show me the way Again,
You need me at every step,
Duja No dad is a better person than you

* Makes Dad's blessing,
A child's life,
But children forget,
What a windstorm it is.

* Laugh, laughing, my dad
I Khushiya bring my dad to me.
When I am Ruth,
So celebrate my dear Papa.

* Gudia in my dad's,
And my dearest friend is Papa.
Dad only taught,
Every hard-to-become
What happens to live life,
When someone in the world came.

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