Senior Haryana IAS officer shuns sexual harassment charges

Jun 11 2018 12:04 PM
Senior Haryana IAS officer shuns sexual harassment charges


Rohtak (Haryana) [India], June 11 (NT): Haryana Additional Chief Secretary Sunil Gulati on Monday deprived of the sexual harassment allegations levied against him by a 28-year-old lady IAS officer.

Gulati stated that he is ready to face an investigation and is even willing to take lie-detection test.

"It's my duty to train my staff. It's up to her to be willing to learn. If going to field troubles her, then the government can transfer her. I'm ready for a probe. Even I am ready for a lie-detection test," said Gulati while addressing the media and quoted by ANI.

His media briefing appeared after the woman IAS officer wrote a posted a messege on Facebook on Sunday, giving details about the incident.

She noted that the male officer called her to his office on May 22 and "threatened" her.

"He questioned me why I write on files the wrongs the department has done," she wrote in her FB post.

The senior officer allegedly threatened to lodge a complaint and "spoil her Annual Confidential Report (ACR) if she did not end writing unfavorable comments on the official files".

The senior officer called her on May 31 and apparently instructed his staff that no other person should come into the room.

"He asked me to tell what type of work I wanted to do, whether I want departmental work or time-pass work. And then he asked me to stop writing adverse comments on the files. His behaviour seemed immoral," she stated.

On June 6, the senior officer summoned her into his office again at 5 pm and asked her to stay there till 7.39 pm, the lady officer alleged.

"I was sitting on the other side of the table in front of him. He asked me to get up and come closer to his chair. When I reached the other side of the table, he pretended to teach me how to operate a computer. I rushed back to my chair... After some time, he got up. Pretending to find a paper, he came close to my chair and pushed it," she wrote.

The woman officer said she had sent an e-mail to President Ram Nath Kovind in this matter to the whole incident. (NT)




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