Senior TDP leaders left the party and expressed disappointment over the work

Sep 27 2020 10:28 PM
Senior TDP leaders left the party and expressed disappointment over the work

Former MLA and senior Telugu Desam Party leader Gadde Babu Rao resigned from the party. He announced the issue at a press conference here on Sunday and said that the situation in the TDP was bad. "Although I have worked in the party for a long time, I have no recognition. The party that was established on a board of self-respect and courage does not have it now. That's why I quit. The Tdp of NTR's times is different from the present time," he said. Babu Rao, who represented Chipurupalli in the district, has been the MLA twice and the party chief whip, who also served as an MLC.

However, the Telugu Desam Party, which was born with self-respect and self-confidence, has now disappeared and hence resigns from the party, he said. The party was different under NTR and now it is different. Naidu was angry with him for not giving proper respect to people like him.

Babu Rao is talking about political life. He said he worked with the Congress party in 1978 and joined the TDP after leaving the party and has been following in the Footsteps of NTR ever since. At that time, NTR Bforms was handed over for MLA seats in Srikakulam and Vizianagaram districts, but there was a difference between the then TDP and the present.

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