'Omicron': People to get 3rd dose of vaccine soon

The Serum Institute of India (SII), a coronavirus vaccine maker, has urged the drugs controller general of India (DCGI) to approve the booster dose of the Covishield vaccine. According to a report by a well-known website, the company says there are enough doses of vaccines in the country. Officials have also said that the demand has been made in view of the threat of the new variant of coronavirus, Omicron (Omicron Variant). Serum Institute is the first company in India to seek approval for a booster dose of Covid-19.

So far, all the people of India have received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine and now the third dose that can be taken will be called the booster dose. On the other hand, the Central Government has informed Parliament that the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization and the National Expert Group on Covid Vaccine Management are considering scientific evidence to ascertain the need for booster dose (Covishield Vaccine Booster Dose). After the omicron variant of coronavirus came to light, states like Rajasthan, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh and Kerala have also told the Central Government that booster doses should be allowed.

In an interview recently, SII CEO Adarsh Poonawala said, "Scientists at Oxford University can bring in a new vaccine that will act as a booster against this new variant. He further said, "Coming to the Omicron variant, it was first detected in South Africa on November 24. According to the World Health Organization, "The spike protein of this new variant has a lot of mutation, which suggests that it can spread faster than other variants. '

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