4 Fashion rules to get desired look

Apr 17 2018 05:25 PM
4 Fashion rules to get desired look

To look good and fashionable is the ultimate requirement in women's lives. Every second woman are sitting online searching for the better trends for themselves. They want to look as good as celebrities. But there are some set of rules which are been followed by all of your loved and desired celebrities. Let's have a look at some of the rules you should follow if you want to look glamorous. 

RULE 1: Visualise Your Overall Look
Apart from going marry go round to your wardrobe, visualise the overall look in prior. This will save your time and mind storming. Doing it this way will modify the way you look at your clothes and the way you dress.

RULE 2: Shop The World
Shopping great clothes around the world is really amazing. It is fantastic because you can find everything in tiny size. Other countries are really style-conscious. Everything is about looks and image orientation there. 

RULE 3: Borrow From Another Era
Take inspiration from your elders or ancestors. For example, if you love structured clothing, so try to favour 50s styles. They’re tailored to give a great silhouette.

RULE 4: Invest In Timeless Classics
Buy your clothes which you can wear in any season. avid buying clothes for the particular season because you cannot wear them for a long duration of time and next time the fashion trend will change accordingly. 

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