Seven Raj all famous for his red and white things

Sep 14 2017 04:59 PM

Where there is passion, so there is life. This is the philosophy of those people, who live in the world on their own terms. Such people pull their streak in front of society, make their own identity different. Seven Raj of Bengaluru is one of them.

Everyone is surprised after seeing their passion! Seven Raj, who runs a real estate business, likes red and white color so much that he and his family have been completely painted in this color combinations. 

Their clothes, cart, toothbrush, mobile and home walls, have been made on the theme of Red and White color. Seven Raj, a successful businessman of 53 years, is impressed by South Indian well-known Politician MG Ramachandran (MGR) and Mahatma Gandhi. 

He decided to create a special color code for himself and he appeared as a red-and-white. They are easily identified due to the Red and White theme. Explaining to the reporters, Seven Raj said that he was at number 7 among the siblings in the family. Therefore, his father named him 7 (Seven), which is hardly of a person. Seven Raj's website is also completely painted in red and white combinations.

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