Seven thieves of two groups arrested in Telangana

Aug 11 2020 11:38 AM
Seven thieves of two groups arrested in Telangana

Hyderabad: Seven thieves of two different groups were arrested in Telangana on Monday. Cash worth Rs 1.28 crore has been recovered from them. Talking about this, the police officer said, "Smartphones have also been recovered from thieves and the price of those smartphones is up to Rs 14 lakh."

Talking about another case, 12 two-wheelers have been seized in the arrest of three criminals. Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjali Kumar talked about this. She said, "On July 27, 2020, a real estate businessman lodged a theft complaint at Golconda police station in Hyderabad. 50,00,000 cash was stolen from his residence. The complainant is a resident of Shamirpet. Mohammed, his driver and Mirza Ashwak Baig used to work as a gardener in his farmhouse. The complainant says that both were working in his farmhouse in Shamirpet.

In July, the complainant fired both of them from their jobs. When Mohammed was working as the driver, he kept all the information about the business transactions of the complainant. That is why he planned to rob at the complainant's residence.

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