S*x before marriage is very auspicious here, wedding rituals are also shocking
S*x before marriage is very auspicious here, wedding rituals are also shocking

There are different wedding rituals in different parts of the world. Yes and in our country too, there are customs in many states that make everyone shock. However, in our Hindu religion too, many types of wedding rituals are performed. At the same time, strange rituals are performed in some places abroad, which you will be surprised to know. At the moment we are talking about a very beautiful country Scotland. There's a lot that's shocking here.

Yes, something is done with the bride and groom before marriage, knowing that you will say that is it really necessary to perform such a ritual. In fact, the rituals here are different according to every culture and society. Some of these customs are such that people are stunned to know. We're going to tell you something like that today. In fact, there is a strange tradition of marriage among the people of the Garasia tribe in the Sirohi and Pali districts of Rajasthan. It is said that it is considered auspicious to have children before marriage here.

Let us tell you all that this tradition has been going on for 1000 years. Yes and here boys and girls need to have physical relations before marriage and if they have a child, they are married, otherwise they are not married.  You may not be sure, but it's true.

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