Sexist Comment women hear at Workplace

If you think that in the present time people are becoming less gender biased then you ar probably wrong. One in three women in tech (30%) has been told they only got a certain job because of their gender. A quarter of women say they have experienced promotion discrimination because of their gender. Over half (51%) of women in tech say that someone has implied that being a woman may prohibit their career. If you think that it exists in small companies then you might be wrong. As the president of America, Donald Trump told the French First Lady, Brigitte Macron, that she was "in such good shape". He turned back at her again to add a little, harmless "Beautiful" to the comment. The lady's response was unclear, but Trump drew a lot of flak on social media for his sexist comments. Women face sexist comments on different levels. Here are some common sexist comment that women hear from male in the workplace.

Off Duty Plans: You may have heard from your coworker tries to navigate something so personal in a professional environment. That being said, it’s probably not the best idea to be throwing pickup lines out at female co-workers, who will likely feel uncomfortable being put in the position or asked why don’t we discuss it at dinner. It is not okay, if you think you are not comfortable.

Calling from names: It is very common to call women with Nicknames like “honey” and “sweetheart” may seem too outdated to still be an issue in 2019, and yet — it happens. Not only is it demeaning to refer to someone with a cheesy moniker like “honey”, it’s just plain rude. Have a  man ever called his male co worker by this man. Some women are uncomfortable with these names.

It is easy For you: Sometimes man coworker very generally says that jon is not very important to you. You can get married but for us it is very difficult. Being a woman” as one of the factors that sealed the deal in getting the job. Whether this has to do with the notion of “forced inclusivity” or the archaic idea that some work is just “women’s work”, it’s all ridiculous and entirely inappropriate.

You are too emotional: You are handling this thing very emotionally you are too emotional, be practical. There’s nothing more frustrating for women in the workplace than feeling judged by unsolicited opinions on their “behavior” by fellow co-workers particularly men, who have less empathy for the different obstacles women face in a professional landscape. 

You are the favorite of Boss: Whenever any woman gets appreciation, promotion or appraisal. It is very common for the employees to say that they get this as you are favorite of a boss or boss is favoring you which directly undermines the women’s effort.

So called Feminist: Cracking the jokes on women saying wrong things and then asking I hope you are not feminist. Circling back to our point on the offensive nature of hypersensitivity in the workplace, there is also the other extreme to that. Using the term feminist as an insult is very common.

Comment on Clothes and Character: If you don’t like your male colleagues then you never comment on their character and clothes but if someone don’t like a female worker then your first attack on her character on her clothes.  Stop Knocking someone down for exhibiting the same professional strengths that men are praised for, let’s find new terms to describe those female co-workers who are brave enough to break that glass ceiling and risk the judgment of less-enlightened coworkers.

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