Shadow famine in this country, people longing for food from milk"
Shadow famine in this country, people longing for food from milk

Sri Lanka's food threat has grown so deep that it has become more difficult for the public to buy milk than to buy gold. Shamla Laxman, 54, wanders from shop to shop late night on the streets of the capital Colombo in search of milk, so that she can get a packet of milk. She goes out early in the morning to search for milk so that she can feed her family of seven people, but she often does not get milk.

He told, 'Nowadays it has become impossible to get milk at any shop. And even if you see it in any shop, it is so expensive that we cannot buy it. Milk prices have become three times more expensive than before, so I am not able to buy milk for my family. The same chicken is an important part of Sri Lankan cuisine, but due to its exorbitant prices, it has disappeared from the plate of common people. The price of chicken has doubled and now it has become a luxury item for the people. Shamla says, 'Almost everything we need has become out of our reach. Every day I am afraid of what I will feed my family tomorrow.

Let us tell you that Sri Lanka is facing its worst financial threat. The country's foreign exchange reserves are almost empty and Sri Lanka is on the verge of bankruptcy under the debt of many countries including China. Sri Lanka's foreign exchange reserves fell by 70% to $2.36 billion in January. Due to lack of foreign exchange, Sri Lanka is unable to import all the essential goods including food, medicine and fuel from abroad.

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