PM Modi chairs meet on the cyclone-related situation in country

New Delhi: At a high-level meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviewed the preparedness of states, central government ministries, and other agencies to cope with Cyclone Jawad and gave directives to authorities to safeguard the protection of people and property. According to the PM's office, all efforts are being made to transport people to safer locations while also assuring the maintenance of jauri services such as power, telecommunications, health, and drinking water, as well as their immediate restoration in the presence of disturbances. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a directive to establish 24-hour control rooms to guarantee appropriate drug availability and supply, as well as smooth movement.

What are the preparations?: The Home Ministry has paid the first instalment of the SDRF to all states ahead of schedule. In the states, the NDRF has already sent 29 teams, which are equipped with boats, tree-cutter machines, and telecommunications equipment, as well as 33 teams on standby. Indian Coast Guard and Navy ships and helicopters have been dispatched for relief, search and rescue operations, while air force and army engineers have deployed task force troops, boats, and rescue equipment as a precaution. To deal with the cyclone scenario, the NDRF is assisting state authorities in preparing for safe evacuation of people from critical areas, as well as undertaking ongoing community awareness programmes.

The naming of cyclones was started by a 1953 agreement in the Atlantic area, according to the article. The Indian Ocean area has been using this approach since 2004. The member nations have also issued a list of names that may be used to name any cyclone. Following that, they will be listed alphabetically. Storm cyclones are called after the recommended names in the same sequence. Each time, various nations are numbered in ascending order, and the cyclone's name is given to the same country each time.

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