Shafiqur Rahman Burke Defends Halal Certification as a Religious Matter
Shafiqur Rahman Burke Defends Halal Certification as a Religious Matter

Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh government has recently imposed a ban on the production and sale of products carrying Halal certification within the state. Ongoing raids are being conducted at various locations in connection with this decision, triggering heightened political discussions on the matter. Shafiqur Rahman Burke, a Member of Parliament from the Samajwadi Party (SP), expressed a strong reaction to the Yogi government's move, suggesting that it is aimed at exacerbating tensions and targeting Muslims. However, he asserted that such allegations are not credible.

Taking a poetic dig at the Yogi government's actions, SP MP Shafiqur Rahman said, "Do not erase these marks by scratching, maybe your name will be known only by our name." He emphasized that issuing Halal certification is a religious matter, justifiable by the principles of Islam. According to him, the certification provided by Jamiat, based on Islamic principles, is valid and should be recognized.

Shafiqur Rahman Burke further clarified that the concept of Halal aligns with Islamic policies and principles, delineating what is permissible and impermissible for Muslims to consume or use. He asserted that if the Jamiat issues certificates declaring certain products as Halal or Haram, it is well-founded and should be respected, regardless of the government's stance.

Regarding allegations in an FIR filed in Lucknow, linking funds from the sale of Halal products to anti-national activities and conspiracies to disrupt harmony, SP MP Burke dismissed them as politically motivated. He suggested that such issues are being brought to the forefront due to the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections, characterizing them as attempts to intimidate and harass Muslims.

Responding to the absence of provisions for Halal certification in the Indian Food Safety Act, Burke emphasized that this is a religious matter, and Muslims have the right to issue such certifications based on their religious beliefs and principles. He argued that Muslims consider the legitimacy of products before using them, aligning with their religious convictions.

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