Shahid Kapoor appears broken as film Jersey song 'Mehram' released

Shahid Kapoor's jersey song 'Mehram' has been released which you can watch here. Recently actor Shaheed Kapoor surprised his fans by singing the song even before the release of the song. Yes, in fact, a fan had urged him to sing and during live Shahid sang the title track of 'Jersey' and made everyone happy. He sang 'Mehram tu hi hai mera'. After singing this song, he said, "I have released the song even before it is released! Conscious and tradition, please don't hit me for it! But I like this song so I had to sing it!"


Shahid's song has been released today which is excellent. You can see Shahid looks great in this song but he looks broken. He had also revealed injuries while shooting for jersey during a live conversation with Fans recently. He had 25 stitches. He had said, "I cracked my lips on this film. My strongest memory of jersey would be that I felt I would never look like i used to again.''

At the same time, he had revealed that, 'The incident took place when he was practising with an experienced ball of camera and it was the day he decided not to wear his helmet. (The ball) cut my lower lip and we really had to stop shooting for two months because of it. I had to get about 25 stitches. It took my lips really three months to feel normal - it still doesn't look normal. There's a part on my lips (on fans watching it closely) which I think it's dead. I can't shake it. That's why I've given my blood for this film.' Shahid's song is currently making a splash and is being liked.

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