When man was eating man, then 'Shah Jahan' was building the Taj Mahal
When man was eating man, then 'Shah Jahan' was building the Taj Mahal

Historians in our country have strongly described Shah Jahan's love stories with the Taj Mahal and Mumtaz Mahal, but nowhere in our history books did it say that 7.4 million people died of it in agony under Shah Jahan's rule. Shah Jahan's policies were solely responsible for the devastation in Gujarat, Malwa and Deccan. This severe famine is also known as the 'Deccan famine of 1630–1632'. A Dutch report says that this happened mainly due to the failure of rain as well as the demands of Shah Jahan's army, which was camping in Burhanpur.

Starvation and famine led to deaths. 30 lakh people died in Gujarat alone. According to Dutch historians, by the end of 1631, about 7.4 million people had died in the cheek of time. Riya Winters of the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Julian Hume of the Natural History Museum in London, has made several major revelations in this regard in a research paper published on 'ResearchGate'. It also contains a number of historical evidence. It was during this time that some foreigners came to Surat, who have expressed the horror of this famine in their books. Those foreigners have written about how thousands of people were killed in Surat. People were so hungry and poor that they started eating each other. Foreign historians have written about a woman who was extremely poor. Starving, the woman killed her 7 children and ate their meat. Friends were eating friends.

Another research paper says that the roads in Gujarat were covered with corpses. It was difficult to walk on the streets because of the corpses. The condition of the farmers remained worse during Shah Jahan's entire reign. Abdul Hamid Lahori has written about the famine that people were facing severe torture. And when all this was happening, Shah Jahan laid the foundation stone of the Taj Mahal in 1632 AD. Today, our historians have presented Shah Jahan as great in our books. But the exact answer to this question has not yet been found as to what was the compulsion of those historians to betray their own country by presenting false history.

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