Shahrukh Khan was seen for the first time in the case of son Aryan Khan, shook the fans from the balcony.

Fans of famous Bollywood film actor Shah Rukh Khan have been missing him for a long time. Shah Rukh Khan has not made any public appearance after his son Aryan Khan returned home. A latest video of Shah Rukh Khan has surfaced on social media. Shah Rukh Khan is seen on the balcony of his house Mannat in the video. He also greeted his fans by waving their hands. Shah Rukh Khan's style and video is going viral on social media very fast.

It has been very bad for Shah Rukh Khan and his family for the past few times. After the son returned home from jail in a drug case, the entire family is breathing a sigh of relief and spending a moment of relief. Fans have been missing Shah Rukh Khan for a long time though Shah Rukh Khan was nowhere to be seen. Fans at Shah Rukh Khan's house are always present. As soon as Shah Rukh Khan was seen spending time on the balcony of his house, he was caught on camera by the people present there.


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Shah Rukh Khan also did not disappoint his fans and waved at them. Everyone is waiting for Shah Rukh Khan to attend the wedding amidst the buzz of Vicky Katrina's wedding and get to see her best photos and videos. Shah Rukh Khan fans have been missing him for a long time.

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