Many times when we are bored, and to cure our boredom we pick up our phones and start scrolling through Instagram. 

Shaleen Mishra, 18 is the guy behind many big Instagram accounts like  @dearsanskar, @roflhumour and @raavansays. He is also the cofounder of  @Sarrcasm Media.

We often forget that the person behind the screen too has a life. They are not a picture or a caption. A full-blown person with emotions and friends just like us.

The person who works tirelessly to make us all laugh - Shaleen - is from Sagar, Madhya Pradesh and works freelance for many companies. He is the first guy from his city to have the biggest instagram base. He is an engineering student Of Adina Institute Of Science And Technology Sagar. 

Shaleen says that the secret to success can be found with proper growth plans, and proper investment time frame

Surprisingly, running a successful account on Instagram comes with its own share of problems. The funny guy making jokes and memes has headaches too. Instagram's frequently changing algorithm is hard to figure out. And whenever the algorithm changes many pages -like Shaleen have to face shadow bans down fallacy. 

For the person running the account, it can be very time consuming. Running multiple successful accounts requires 14-15 hours of work on a mobile phone. 

To properly juggle the time between his online and offline life, Shaleen follows a strict daily schedule. A major chunk of his time is dedicated for studies and for managing his pages. 

Shaleen has made it his personal goal to make the biggest Instagram community. He also wishes to open India's first cloud consultancy company

Shaleen's personal motto, which he would like to pass on is "Do Everything With Full Enjoyment and everything you do will turn out perfect."

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