Shalin Bhanot and Tina Dutta argue over chocolate: Bigg Boss 16
Shalin Bhanot and Tina Dutta argue over chocolate: Bigg Boss 16

Shiv Thakare joins Nirmit Kaur Ahluwalia as they are dancing together, and Abdu Rozik begs him not to steal her away. Sajid refers to Priyanka Choudhary and Archana Gautam's altercation as fake as they are both cooking. Sajid announces that there will be a boys' and a girls' hostel, and that he and Archana will serve as the hostel's warden and security guard, respectively. Whichever Jodi engages in the most socialising wins, and if there isn't a pair, Sajid and Archana will receive the benefit of receiving a room allotment and ration.

Sajid and Archana ultimately receive the ration and room allotment. When all the couples try to communicate with one another and express their love, the task goes smoothly. Tina reprimands Shalin for trying to flirt with her while pointing out that there are cameras everywhere. Bigg Boss declares that the women in the house must persuade at least 5 men to consume the Hunk of chocolate and receive a compliment from them; whoever accomplishes this task first wins.

When Nimrit completes the task, Tina sobs in the bathroom and asks Nimrit if Shalin really thought she would ask him to consume the chocolate when, in her mind, it was expected that he would arrive to do so. Nimrit comforts the woman. Shalin goes to see how she is doing. After making fun of Shalin, Tina becomes upset and departs. Shalin is told by Soundarya that he ought to have gone to her. Shalin claims that the entire task involved women persuading men, so he patiently waited for her. He also claims that it is not his fault that he agreed to compliment others because they approached him first. Tina is urged by Nimrit not to cry over it. Nimrit and Gautam sit down, discuss their differences, and extend sincere apologies to one another. Later, when Archana inquiries about Shalin's past feelings for Soundarya, he declines. He claims that Tina is only a friend because he doesn't love her and that he has always thought highly of Soundarya as a friend.

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