Shameful: After raping 55-year-old woman, cruel stabbed her private part with iron pan

Janjgir: A heart-rending story has been heard from the Janjgir-Champa in Chhattisgarh. Here, after the rape of a 55-year-old woman, the boundaries of severe ruthlessness were crossed. The police have taken the accused into custody after her half-naked body was found from the house. Reports say that Suraj Bhoi has raped the woman earlier. Then her private part was stabbed several times with an iron pan kept in the house. After which he put a fist of a tawa in the woman's private part. He climbed over the woman's chest and pressed her neck with both his hands. But when the woman started to squirm, he pressed her throat with her leg, due to which she lost her life. After the incident, the accused fled with four pieces of silver bangles from the woman's hand.

Superintendent of Police Vijay Agarwal said that the body of a 55-year-old  woman was found lying in a semi-nude condition in her house at Podibhatha under the Akaltara police station area. The woman's husband had passed away about three years ago. She didn't even have any children. She lived alone at home and was spending her life working in the homes of others. On the morning of July 3, when the woman did not leave the house for a long time, the neighbours reached out to see her. There they found the woman's semi-naked body near the door of the room.

In the post-mortem report, it has been stated that the woman has been raped. At the same time, there are many injuries in her private part. Not only that, she lost her life due to the broken throat and chest bone and the lungs bursting. According to SHO Lakhesh Kenwat, the accused Suraj Bhoi is a professional criminal. He has been jailed several times for different crimes before. On July 4, he was produced in court and sent to jail.

The accused has confessed to his crime. He has said that seeing the door open, he entered the house and threatened and raped the woman. He wanted to rape her again, but the woman escaped from his clutches and came out and started shouting, after which he grabbed the woman's hair, dragged her inside and killed her.

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