Elder sister wanted to make younger sister prostitute, murdered for protesting

Ranchi: A new revelation has been made in the case of a 17-year-old girl who went missing in Medininagar in Jharkhand 7 months ago. According to police, the girl's elder sister wanted to push her into the flesh trade. She used to forcibly send her to the people. The girl was killed and the body buried when she protested. Several days after the murder, the police recovered the body, after identifying the girl, a postmortem of the body was conducted in which the murder was confirmed.

The same police say the girl was the fourth of the five sisters. Both her parents had died. So the girl lived in Sudan with her eldest sister Rakhi, who was involved in the flesh trade. The girl's husband Dhananjay, the husband of another sister Rupa, used to help elder sister Rakhi in the flesh trade. Together they wanted to push the girl into the flesh trade and forcibly send her to the customers.

Police said the girl's eldest sister Rakhi had two boyfriends Pratap Kumar and Nitish. Rakhi used to rape her younger sister with both of them. The two often came to Rakhi's house and forcibly raped the girl. The deceased loved another person and wanted to marry him, whom Rakhi was opposing. Two days before the 17-year-old girl was killed, Pratap, a lover of Rakhi, reached her house. Rakhi was not in the house at that time. Pratap raped her younger sister. He killed the girl when she protested. When Rakhi returned home, she found the younger sister died. Rakhi, Rupa, Dhananjay, Pratap and Nitish then planned to establish the girl's body and bury her body at a deserted place.

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