Shampoo was applied to the poisonous cobra, people were shocked after watching the video
Shampoo was applied to the poisonous cobra, people were shocked after watching the video

Imagine witnessing a scene where a man bathes a massive King Cobra, the very sight of which would make even a lion tremble. What would you say? Naturally, such a spectacle would send shivers down anyone's spine. Currently, a video featuring this exact scenario is trending on the internet, causing quite a stir among netizens. The video shows a man in a bathroom, calmly bathing a 10 to 12-foot-long cobra as if it were a pet dog or cat.

This is indeed an intriguing and extraordinary video that has captured the attention of millions. The way the man nonchalantly bathes the venomous cobra with shampoo is mind-blowing. What’s even more astonishing is how the man performs this task with such ease and composure, as if he were bathing a domesticated animal.

In the video, you can see the man starting to rub shampoo over the large cobra's body. He then attempts to clean its hood. However, the snake tries to coil around his neck at this point. But the man swiftly manages to remove it with agility.

Watch the chilling video where the man scrubs the cobra thoroughly.

This spine-tingling video was shared on Instagram by the user @saleesh_thrissur. In just a few seconds, the video has amassed over 616 million views. Numerous users have also commented on the video.


One user humorously remarked, "Don't forget to apply Johnson's baby powder afterward." Another user noted, "This is what you do when you have three lives left in the game." Yet another commented, "It seems like this guy has a direct connection with Yama, the god of death."

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