Shamshan ghat submerged in water, Ganga water rises

Prayagraj: Due to the rising water level of Ganga Yamuna, the water of rivers is now filling the lower areas as well. Due to this, the Daraganj crematorium has also been submerged. In such a situation, people are also facing a lot of problems in performing funerals. In such a situation, people have been forced to perform the last rites on the street.

The ghat of Daraganj was submerged in water at Sangam in Prayagraj. People coming for the funeral with their bodies have to burn dead bodies on the streets due to floods. People from many parts of the city arrive at this crematorium with dead bodies. In such a situation, people here have to queue up and wait for their turn. Wood is placed on the streets for the funeral. People are forced to perform the last rites on the street itself. As long as the flood-like situation persists, people will have to perform the last rites on the streets under such compulsion.

The River Ganga and Yamuna are flowing close to the danger mark. If this is the case with rain, soon both the rivers will cross the danger mark. Meanwhile, the administration claims that all preparations have been made to deal with the possible floods. Control room opened in collectorate premises for effective control of floods. Several villages in Tehsil Sadar, Sorav, Phulpur, Handia, Bara, Karchana, and Meja are said to be affected by the floods. A total of 98 flood checkboxes and 110 flood shelters have been set up in view of the floods.

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