Fashion Influencer Shanzaay Sheikh plays the dual role of Marketing Expert too!

Safe to say, Instagram is a haven for budding influencers, painting the town red as they go about sharing their lifestyles!
One such admirable fashion icon, based in London, who has been trending across everyone’s feed for quite a while now is socialite Shanzaay Sheikh.

She maintains an ardent fan following and her online empire is impressive to say the least!

Using these numbers to her advantage, we believe Shanzaay has dipped her toes in a whole lot of ventures working with magazine ‘Sunday Times’ : clothing brand ‘So Kamal’ and finally as a marketing expert.

Not only has her style gotten her featured by various bloggers, but also does she help brands change their social media strategy, making her one of the most coveted marketing experts in her circle. 

Her mastery of Instagram enables her to help brands with the ideal strategy to grow their respective micro-communities, increasing their overall reach and staying updated with key trends.
Her contribution to the marketing realm has always been unique and thought provoking offering insightful knowledge on strategies, content, SEO and so much more!

Safe to conclude, here is absolute beauty and brains.

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