There are 12 types of Shraddh, know about all

Sep 12 2019 04:00 PM
There are 12 types of Shraddh, know about all

There are many festivals all over the world which are very famous. In such a situation, all these include Pitra Paksha, which is devoted to the forefathers. In such a situation, Pitra Paksha is for those people in whose house someone dies and special puja is performed to introduce them to their ancestors.

Let us tell you that this year Pitra Paksha is starting from 13 September and preparations have started for it. At the same time, a total of 12 types of Shradh have been described in the Hindu Purana, about which we are going to tell you today. Let's know.

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Nitya Shradh - During Pitra Paksha, a person should be happy by doing Shradd daily with food, water, milk, and Kush.

Naimittik Shradh - This shradh is performed on the day of the death of the parents, which is called Ekodrishti.

Kamya Shradh - Do this for special attainment.

Vriddhi Shradh - Vrishti Shradh is performed for happiness and good fortune.

Sapindan Shradh- This shradh is performed by women on the 12th day of dead people.

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Parvana Shraddh - Shradh of this name on the date of the festival.

Goshthi Shraddh - This is what the family members do together.

Shuddhayarth Shradh - Do this to cleanse the family in the Pitru Paksha.

Karmang Shraddh - Do this on the occasion of any ritual.

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Teertha Shradh - Do this during a pilgrimage.

Yatra for the pilgrimage - do it for the success of the yatra.

Pushtayarth Shraddh - do it for advancement.

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